News: 2014

29 Oct 2014: VAMOS Consortium agreement signed with the EU Horizon 2020 authorities

The project of 17 partners, from 9 EU countries to last 4 years and cost €2,900,000

Project partners

The objective of the project to develop a prototype underwater, remotely controlled, mining system with associated launch and recovery equipment and with the following sub-objectives

  • Develop and demonstrate the applicability of a remotely operated mining machine for submerged inland applications.
  • Develop and test new suction technology in real submerged mining conditions.
  • Develop and test innovative slurry transportation, floating winch technology, and novel launch/recovery/hose and cable layout systems.

To develop new, adapt and advance existing and finally integrate a set of technologies to overcome the limitations of currently available underwater sensing, spatial awareness, navigational and positioning technology in order to enable safe and reliable operation of the equipment in an environment:

  • Develop underwater positioning technology to overcome current limitations of the use of acoustic underwater positioning systems.
  • Develop augmented reality representation of the mining environment to enable the required level of pilot awareness.
  • Develop a hybrid AUV/ROV technology to allow the perception of occluded mine areas and the observation and navigation of the mining machine, and the supervision of tool changing.
  • Develop a real time grade control capability.

14 Jul 2014. Attended House of Commons for APPG Extractive Industry Junior Mining Roundtable.

10 Jun 2014: Presentation to PIANC (The International Navigation Association) at the Institution of Civil Engineers, Westminster, London.

27 Jan 2014: A meeting took place in Falmouth between the investors and Dr Stef Kapusniak of SMD.

SMD design underwater excavating equipment. The idea of approaching the European grant authorities to assist with financing a development team was discussed. This later led to the formation of VAMOS