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11th & 12th July: MML will be hosting a visit of its VAMOS EU 2020 research partners

Inspections will be made relating to the potential of and the requirements for the operational testing of an underwater crawler excavator. The IMERYS facilities at Fowey Docks and Blackpool pit will be visited and assessed for suitability.

The VAMOS partners attending will be from Austria, Portugal, Holland, Spain and parts of the UK.

30th March 2016: The directors attended the annual progress and planning meeting of VAMOS in Amsterdam

Most of the development aspects of the project were up to date and many were ahead of schedule.

7/8 Mar 2016: The company made a presentation to the Minatura workshop which covered mineral planning

The meeting was held in Cardiff and attended by planning officials, technical consultants, environmental representatives and mineral operators from across the EU.

23 Feb 2016: International Mining Meeting at The House of Commons regarding APPG Extractive Industry Junior Mining Roundtable

20 Nov 2015: HMRC accept that Marine Minerals Ltd is accepted for the ‘Enterprise Investment Scheme’

This enables the company to issue compliance certificates under Section 204(1) ITA 2007 in respect of shares to be issued.

1 Oct 2015: Finance Agreement with Colobus Limited a City of London firm to raise further capital.

11th June 2015. The first "VAMOS" Stakeholder Workshop

Organised back-to-back with a workshop organised by the Geological Society of London with the title “Mining in a crowded country

VAMOS Stakeholder Workshop

13 Mar 2015: Kick off meeting for VAMOS in Newcastle upon Tyne

The program schedule was discussed and agreed upon

VAMOS in Newcastle upon Tyne